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  1. Much needed cocktail with friends on Friday. This is the Bitter French. Pink from grapefruit and real delicious.
  2. Typical/hilarious convo snippet from group chat with my besties.
  3. Screenshot of HILARIOUS Snap sent to me that is 💯worth keeping forever.
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I want a puppy real bad.
  1. Tibetan Terrier
  2. Great Dane
  3. Portuguese Water Dog
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  1. Sleeping
  2. Making the Jamie Oliver Spanish chorizo & chickpea soup I've been meaning to make all week long
  3. Sleeping
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A compilation of all of the frustration and weird shit the daily commuter has to endure.
  1. The altogether rude human being who smokes inside the enclosed bus shelter.
  2. The bus driver who looks at you running to the bus stop, and then drives away.
  3. The weird old man who seems to know all of the bus drivers by name and who has a scripture quote written with Sharpie on the back of his windbreaker.
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  1. Villa America by Liza Klaussmann
    Loved this book! Inspired by the lives of Sara and Gerald Murphy, set largely in the 1920s on the French Riviera. A perfect novel for a winter escape.
  2. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
  3. The Circle by Dave Eggers
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  1. Acne does not go away, and pimples will always happen at the worst time.
  2. Few things are better than a cuppa tea and a good chat with an old friend.
  3. Your house will not be perfectly clean all of the time, and that's okay.
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