Currently on Season 1 of #Arrow and I'm realizing how much it sucks that I joined this party late
  1. Forget about the GD internet
    Yea. Don't even try to go on tumblr, Twitter, IMDB, Facebook OR ANYTHING ELSE cause it's just going to be all freakin ruined. Wanna look up the actors name? OH WAIT you see that the character WAS ONLY ON FOR 2 SEASONS OF THE 4 SEASON SHOW. *SPOILER* he must be dead or left. #cool
  2. Spoilers are EVERY. FREAKING. WHERE
    Yea. Not just the Internet. They are like freaking oxygen. They infest every aspect of your life
  3. Humans talk
    Humans tend to get excited when you tell them you're watching a show they like. I'm guilty of this. They are like walking spoilers. THEY RUIN LIVES
  4. It's exhausting
    It's so tiring trying to watch 4 seasons in 2 days. How can I sleep. How can I eat. I have a bigger goal to conquer
  5. It's emotional
    Watching these episodes back to back to back makes you really emotionally invested in these characters and their well-being making the entire experience emotionally draining
  6. Title sequence
    Hearing the title sequence every. Damn. Time. Is so fu#%ing annoying.
  7. Netflix
    Netflix has this just horrid feature where episodes play back to back without me touching a button. So here I am, 1:30am, watching Arrow snug in my bed waiting for episode 5 to come on. I didn't push a button. I just sit here. Addicted to this new show.
  8. What is life
    I'm a college student so my life now has become about catching up on this show. Oh! I have a paper about the Iran Nuclear Deal due Tuesday? Nah, I'm just going to watch Arrow. Who cares if the US is violating state sovereignty. Who cares about anything but this beautiful show.