In order of remembrance
  1. Hillary & Bill Clinton
  2. I know they aren't a couple. But they are friendship goals and should be on this list. They are supportive and honest wth each other, which is something we all want from a friend. #goals
  3. Chandler & Monica
    They accomplished so many personal fears together. And they were funny and honest. #goals
  4. Bess & Henry McCord
    #tvshow: I'm addicted to this show right now, but I love them because they always make time for each other, and they really love each other. #goals
  5. Michelle & Barrack Obama
    {pls see Hillz & Billz} add in the factor of impeccable outfits, cute dogs and some just kick ass human rights work
  6. Amal & George Clooney
    Amal is a treasure, she's an amazing lawyer and a stunning human. George is a fantastic actor but also an amazing husband/supporter
  7. Hillary Clinton & Katy Perry
    DID ANYONE SEE HER DRESS AT THE IDPJJ. They are friends and I think that they would be an amazing power couple.
  8. Liz Lemon & Jack Donaghy
    I love that 30 Rock never made them a couple but instead best friends. And I love how they challenged each other. #theblocker
  9. Liz Lemon & Liz Lemon
    She was the best person by herself. And she was always doing what she wants to do. Like socks with sandals. Or eating her night cheese (which profoundly changed me). Or having her business meeting at a froyo place. 🧀🍦
  10. Joey & Chandler
    They literally had #squadgoals when it came to best friends. They always supported each other so much. 👨‍❤️‍👨👬