1. Seeing John Mulaney and Nick Kroll with Micah and Aaron
  2. Going to Savannah with Micah & Merissa
  3. Going to the Dominican Republic
  4. Going to Nicaragua
    "Tiffani, kiss my freakin butt. I hope you climb on the roof of a bus and get hit by a bee branch."
  5. Going to Orlando for my birthday with the sexy 5
  6. Seeing Obama speak at UNF
  7. Having really good professors at UNF and learning a lot
  8. Realizing I'm good at accounting & changing my major
    Shout out to Leininger & Tanner
  9. Pledging & becoming a brother of Delta Sigma Pi
  10. Signing up to study abroad in Spain for the spring of 2017
  11. Meeting & falling in love with Luis 💕
    My favorite part of the year.