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  1. WTF just happened??
  2. There was a Rocko's Modern Life episode about a museum of sharp objects. This should have been in it.
  3. How was it even sharp enough to puncture me so deeply?????
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  1. Our Brand Is Crisis
    bc of my job
  2. Spotlight
  3. The Danish Girl
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  1. Tobasco
    Day 1 Roll Dog
  2. Crystal
    Day 2 Roll Dog
  3. Frank's Original
    when I realized I didn't have to go to a bar for hot wings
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because today is Halloween
  1. Wasps
    Some of my earliest conscious memories involve the multitude of wasps who found perfect hiding spots in the bousillage in the old old house.
  2. Splinters
    The only way these are bearable is if Mom gives me a piece of cheese while she takes it out.
  3. Water Moccasins
    I can't deal.
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