1. Tobasco
    Day 1 Roll Dog
  2. Crystal
    Day 2 Roll Dog
  3. Frank's Original
    when I realized I didn't have to go to a bar for hot wings
  4. unnamed green spicy sauce probably made w Serrano peppers
    on eggs in Guatemala City, the absolute best
  5. Tapatio
    eggs, pizza, rice, etc
  6. any salsa in Mexico
  7. Peptang Chili Sauce
    on everything in Kenya (except not on mandazi)
  8. Sriracha
  9. Chili Oil
  10. Spicy Hot Fried Chili Paste
    I found it at an Asian supermarket and life hasn't been the same since.
  11. Sambal Olek
    Sriracha's more hip cousin.
  12. Louisiana Hot Sauce
    if it's the one on the table
  13. Lizano
    a friend who was from Panama gave me a bottle once and it was pretty amazing on plain rice
  14. Valentina
    at any taco truck
  15. habanero marinated in white vinegar