because today is Halloween
  1. Wasps
    Some of my earliest conscious memories involve the multitude of wasps who found perfect hiding spots in the bousillage in the old old house.
  2. Splinters
    The only way these are bearable is if Mom gives me a piece of cheese while she takes it out.
  3. Water Moccasins
    I can't deal.
  4. the space between the gangplank and the airplane door
  5. extremely steep interstate on-ramps
    Some of my worst nightmares involve navigating an on-ramp in a car moving too fast.
  6. Regret
  7. Boredom
  8. IVs
  9. seeing a loved one hooked to an IV
  10. Alzheimer's
    It's when a human disappears the way an island sinks into the sea.
  11. making big mistakes
    I hate when my boss is disappointed in me.
  12. being late for work
    I hate when my boss is disappointed in me.
  13. growing old
  14. not growing old
  15. when I'm drying my hair and someone comes into the bathroom and I don't realize it until I look in the mirror
    I scream every time.
  16. getting murdered in the shower
    They will find me naked.