Trust me, I'm a professional.
  1. Get several sample cups
    If they will only give you one, c'est la vie, but I'd say baseline 3.
  2. Survey the toppings bar
    See what looks good. Are the berries fresh or mushy? What's the cookie/cake situation? Take note of what resonates.
  3. Taste everything
    I mean everything! Start with new and seasonal flavors and work your way through the oeuvre.
  4. Set an intention
    How are you looking to yo? Healthy snack yo? Decadent treat yo? Decide now, and remember you can always come back tomorrow.
  5. Put toppings on the bottom
    Opt for heavier toppings at the bottom, or the ones that will taste most delicious in melty froyo later. I like fruit on the bottom but like, you do you.
  6. Add your Yo strategically
    The goal is to have a column of froyo in the center of the cup, with room around the sides. Add as many flavors as you want to maintain this integrity.
  7. Get more toppings
    Fill in the sides of the cup (around the yo) with mid-weight toppings like chocolate, candy, cereal, etc.
  8. Finish with flair
    Make it look fancy! A flurry of coconut flakes or a dash of sprinkles go a long way.
  9. Whip out your rewards card
    You're not a idiot, right?
  10. Do not think about how much it costs
    This may disrupt your pure joy and is therefore, profoundly not worth it.
  11. Gram that shittttttttt.
    Everyone will be jealous which is the whole point of the Internet.
  12. The last step is admitting you have a problem.