My boyfriend and I are driving to Massachusetts from NYC. He's from Stratford, and is giving me running commentary on everything Connecticut. I am learning a lot.
  1. The state motto is "Still Revolutionary"
    Lol k
  2. @john is from Fairfield.
  3. Milford sucks.
    Disclaimer: We didn't go to Milford.
  4. Trumbull sucks.
    See above.
  5. Schick razors, PEZ dispensers, and wiffle balls are all Connecticut exports.
  6. There's a dog salon in Fairfield called "Snip Doggy Dog."
  7. Duchess is a CT fast-food chain that makes burgers and fries but also weirdly fish dinners and spaghetti and they are VERY proud of their Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.
    You can get any flavor Coke you could possibly imagine!
  8. The Merritt Parkway is a beautiful freeway unless there's an accident in which case you are screwed because exits are sporadic and it's only 2 lanes.
  9. Connecticut has no toll booths because too many people were killed by cars crashing into tollbooths so the government was like "well, fuck 'em."
  10. The 1 and the 95 both run from Maine to Florida.
    "Pretty cool, right babe?"
  11. New London is where they build submarines.
    But Groton is the "submarine capital of the world"
  12. You cannot pair a phone with a Nissan Altima unless it's in park.
    This is true in other states, too.