What can I say, I'm a CD-ROMantic.
  1. Barbie Fashion Designer
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    This game let you "design" outfits for Barbie and print them out on adhesive fabric so she could actually wear them, which was very cool. Barbie said a lot of dumb shit like "This will be perfect for my date tonight!"
  2. Kristi Yamaguchi Fantasy Ice Skating
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    THIS GAME RULED. You choreographed Kristi's routines, made her practice, and then chose her outfits. You could choose her skating venue, too, like Moody Arena or Dirty Old Pond.
  3. The Logical Journey Of The Zoombinis
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    You designed a bunch of little blue blobs that had personalities (think Minions) and lived in a magic forest. Then you made them solve puzzles while avoiding evil dead trees that ate pizza so they could be reunited with other blue blobs. Any time I try to explain this game it sounds like I'm on acid.
  4. Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego
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    Carmen is stealing treasures from throughout the ages, she must be stopped! I remember the first thing she stole was the original manuscript of The Tale Of Genji, #rude.
  5. Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego
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    I know a lot of capital cities because of this game, because Carmen was always stealing national monuments. How? No idea. But I always got them back!
  6. Where In The USA Is Carmen Sandiego
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    CSD really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, she seemed better than stealing Old Faithful. But hey, we all take jobs for the paychecks sometimes.