Duanedorf Readman 4 Lyfe.
  1. Blistex
    This is, to me, the perfect lip balm. Consistency is on point, and the rounded edges make it a great worry object.
  2. Magic Shaving Powder
    This is a depilatory powder, and it's the only thing I'll ever use on my bikini line. It's a bit of a chemistry project, but so so so worth it. And it's like, $4.
  3. Dove Dry Shampoo
    The perfect all-purpose DS, although I could write a whole list on these. Best smell, buildable texture.
  4. L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray
    I like the fancy lady on the can and also it works wonderfully and smells good.
  5. Shower Caps
    Buy these! They are cute as hell and useful if you're like me and only wash your hair 1x/week.
  6. Egyptian Magic
    It's $$$, but one tub lasts a WHILE. It's like a really rich body oil, but in a solid. Fragrance free! Great for winter.
  7. Seche Vite
    I used to manage a fancy nail salon and this topcoat is the best in the biz.
  8. Roto Eye Drops
    Listerine strips for the eye! I sort of enjoy how they burn a little bit. Great for après pot smoking.
  9. Barbasol
    The. Best. Shaving. Cream.
  10. Bioré Strips
    If I can't be a homicide detective on TV, I can at least survey the carnage of blackheads on these swell nose strips!