Sounds that sound good 2 me
  1. Thwap-thwap
    My cat's feet when she jumps off the bed, which is a lot my cat's pretty jumpy
  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaa
    Christine Baranski laughing
  3. Bleebleebleeblorp
    My coffee machine saying it's ready to make coffee (it's a Keurig Rivo if you were wondering and I only drink the ESPRESSO INTENSO because life is INTENSO and I like to be prepared)
  4. Bnnngggggg
    My laptop turning back on after playing dead, a cruel trick
  5. Thoonk
    My rental car gas tank door open popping open on the side I guessed it was on (I never check before I get in the car, I like to trust my Intuition, ala Jewel)
  6. Hzzhzz. Hzzhzz.
    A bunch of texts in a row when I can't look at my phone but I can feel it buzzing and I feel vital and ALIVE because people want to TALK to me
  7. Wsssshhhhshshshshshhhhhh
    Leaves moving around in a nice breeze, usually followed by someone saying "Nice breeze"
  8. Ohhhhhhhhhh
    When an audience is collectively like "you're in trouble now mister!"