All the places I like to work in Manhattan & Brooklyn. Mostly so I don't forget. Updated frequently. They all have Internet, most have coffee. Suggestions welcome!
  1. The New York Public Library
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    Bryant Park - If you've really got some shit to do. No food or drinks (unless you're sneaky!)
  2. Blind Barber - Williamsburg
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    Great coffee, big windows, smells like a pine candle from the barbershop next door.
  3. Bluestone Lane - West Village
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    Cozy space, great food, my favorite in this neighborhood. Warning: Full of crazy Australians! Get the avocado toast.
  4. The Marlton Hotel - Greenwich Village
    Stay here all day! The fireplace is amazing, lots of outlets, you can order all the food from the restaurant. Very chic, good place for meetings/first dates.
  5. Lyfe Kitchen - Midtown
    Like a clean, healthy, college cafeteria. Also the staff is SO NICE!
  6. Play @ The Museum Of Sex - NoMad
    Best kept secret!!! Like a hidden library that has intelligentsia iced lattes. If you don't mind the dildo laden gift shop, it's great.
  7. The Breslin - NoMad
    Don't bother with the lobby, just get a late lunch here and use the wifi undisturbed.
  8. WhyNot - West Village
    Amazing secret downstairs work area! Nice coffee and tea... But it turns into a jazz bar at night, obviously.
  9. DOMA - West Village
    Solid spot for a few hours, they don't mind if you stay for a while. Good lunch options.
  10. Upright Coffee - West Village
    Never busy during the day, but clear out by happy hour. Faster wifi and better coffee than Grounded.
  11. Stumptown Coffee - Greenwich Village
    If you can get a seat, it's a perfect place to have a coffee meeting or do some work quickly. Gets very busy, tho.
  12. Hu Kitchen - Greenwich Village
    Healthy food, juice, fast internet. Good if you have to kill an hour. Everyone here has just finished a workout.
  13. Kaffe 1668 - TriBeCa
    The downstairs is great on a gloomy day, but BE WARNED, no plugs, so go there charged.
  14. Milk and Roses!!!
    Suggested by @anu