Tried to pack in as much LA as I could into 3.5 days.
  1. Iced Almond Lattes - 5
    Could write entire list on almond lattes in LA which is definitely why I went to college!
  2. Times I Heard The Furious 7 Song On The Radio - 1,000,000
    More like "Hear You Again"
  3. Pop Physique Bitchfaces Received - 8
    Why is everyone in barre class so mad?! It's just an hour of tiny butt squeezes! This is another list.
  4. "Jazz Fusion" Classes - 1
    I. LOVE. SWEAT SPOT. The teacher kept saying "Ughhh I have no creativity left in my body," while we Jazz Fused (?) around to Supertramp
  5. In-N-Out Burger Visits - 2
    Fries well done, pls.
  6. Minutes Spent In Line At Sqirl - 25
    Eavesdropped on a celebrity assistant talking mad shit
  7. Moderately Strenuous Hikes - 1
    Some cool park in Eagle Rock with a borrowed dog named Terrence, who was chill.
  8. Cookies Stolen from DryBar - 0
    New personal best! Very difficult because they had frosted oatmeal cranberry Dunkers.
  9. Parking Tickets - 0
    Another new personal best!!!!!
  10. Inspiring Catch-Up With College Friend - 1
    @emjuko = 💯
  11. Beautiful Weddings - 1
    @garrett + @dctolli = ❤️