All of these would be pretty good band names, too. Suggestions for others?
  1. The Drunk Martha Grahams
    They interpret the music through wily dance and almost always spill your drink.
  2. The Clearly Going Through Something
    We all have our church and sometimes sobbing openly at Sharon Van Etten is how you have to pray.
  3. The Friends Who Have Nothing In Common Except Liking The Band
    Most easily spotted after the opener, playing chicken with who'll fake needing the bathroom first
  4. The Ruthless
    These people will cut a bitch to get a good spot. Block them at your peril. I am one of these 💁
  5. The Bro Squads
    Bros love shows! Bros love shows! Bros love seeing shows with bros!
  6. The Talls
    Those Jeremy Lin motherfuckers who compulsively need to stand front and center despite being able to see into space
  7. The Bleeding Hearts
    All the merch on their backs, all the lyrics in their brains
  8. The Olds
    Always a cool AARP member in the house!