1. He looks like a completely different person with short hair.
    With long hair he has sort of a Motel The Tailor vibe. One trip to Rudy's and he looks like a Marine.
  2. He gives his cat lots of very sweet compliments.
    "You ate your breakfast?! You are so smart and beautiful! You should be a Supreme Cat Justice!"
  3. He genuinely enjoys room temperature water.
    Gross. More Brita for me!
  4. He's Shoes-Off-Pants-Off within 60 seconds of coming home.
    I cannot figure out how he does it SO FAST! It's like a "Dreamgirls" quick-change!
  5. He's passionate about steam mopping.
    He told me my floors "needed work" on one of our first dates. Today, he power steamed our 1-bedroom. It's AMAZING.
  6. He's very serious about "tools."
    Apparently one needs a proper "tool bag" and my Caboodle is not that.
  7. He cares very much about "knowing the neighborhood."
    We live near a lot of Italian bakeries/butchers/pasta stores; he loves to greet all staff by saying "Hey Boss, how you doin'"