"I love mail, it never fails, it makes me wanna wag my tail, when it comes I wanna wail MAAIIIIILLLL!!!!" -- The Mail Song, Blue's Clues
  1. Love Letters
    From Boyfriend Who Knows I Love Mail
  2. Postcards
    From Friends Who Are Already Back From Wherever They Went
  3. Underwear Purchased At A Significant Discount During An Online Sale
    7 Pairs for $26.50?! R U Serious?
  4. Replacement Debit Card Because I Left Mine In A Cab, Again
  5. Costco Care Package From Mom
    Dried mango, ankle socks AND a generic puffer coat that squishes into a tiny bag?! R U Serious?
  6. The J.Crew Men's Catalog
    Hubba hubba
  7. Magnetic Save-The-Dates From My Enemies
    The sweet schadenfreude of bad engagement photos on my fridge forever!!
  8. Last Year's Tax Refund
    Bo$$ Bitch Make Money Every Day
  9. My Neighbor's Birchbox