#SYTYCD is the only reality show I really go in for, here's why I stan for it.
  1. It's constantly reinventing itself! Maybe too much!
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    SYTYCD is always trying soooo hard to make its very wrote competition format more interesting. Sometimes 2 people win! Sometimes only 1! This year it's STAGE vs STREET so who the fuck knows what will happen.
  2. Celebrity vocabularies are put to the test!
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    How many ways can Jesse Tyler Ferguson say "That was great" ? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT! (Gaga was my favorite judge ever, she was really heartfelt and insightful.)
  3. It's incredibly supportive!
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    There are no villains on SYTYCD, everyone LOVES each other in that pure, intense way you loved everyone in the cast of your high school musical or summer camp bunk. The judges could easily go catty, but even when America kicks someone off, their message is always "Keep dancing."
  4. The costumes are bonkers!
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    They won an Emmy for costumes last year, probably because their department is like "Fuck it, we'll try anything!" YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT CRAZY THING THEY'LL WEAR!
  5. Cat Deeley, Cat Deeley, Cat Deeley!
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    She is at least 2 feet taller than all the contestants, and always looks fly af. And she's really good at her job!
  6. It's Nigel Lythgoe's passion project!
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    This is why SYTYCD will never get cancelled. Nigel created American Idol so no one can fuck with him. I'm sure he likes singing, but his ❤️ is really in dance. He was a dancer himself -- according to Wiki he danced with Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly (!!!) and also choreographed for Ben Vereen and The Muppets. So, he knows his shit.
  7. You can have a real opinion about whether or not you like someone's dancing!
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    You cannot taste the food on Top Chef. You cannot date the women on The Bachelor. If Katie Holmes can judge dancing......you can too.
  8. You will learn stuff about dance!
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    Did you know "Jit" is a street dance form that originated in Detroit? ME NEITHER! Do you know the difference between Crumping, Breaking, Locking, Whacking and Voguing? THEY'LL TEACH YOU. Did you know how to do the basic steps of the Lindy Hop? YOU DO NOW!
  9. Non-stop parade of parents crying because they're so proud of their kids!
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    NOTHING makes me weep like parents who gave up their honeymoon so they could watch their 18 year old wunderkind do fouettés for Jason DeRulo. Oh, and just wait 'til they interview all the contestants dance teachers!!!!! It will destroy you, but like, in a good way.
  10. The dancing is REALLY GOOD!
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    Twitch and Alex: http://bit.ly/1LEz5mL
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    Melanie and Marko: http://bit.ly/1GVWrjn
  12. All they win at the end is the title of "America's Favorite Dancer!"
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    And the cover of Dance Spirit magazine. And *maybe* a job working on Broadway/in Vegas/in a Step Up movie. So it's really a thankless job, just a show about people doing what they love for better or worse oh god I'm crying again.
  13. Once you're in, you're in.
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    Soon you'll be all like "I can't believe they partnered those two for a Nappy Tabs number! Where's Shankman when you need him?! Their musicality just isn't meshing with their technique...They'll never get on the Hot Tamale Train now!"