I am a big time comedy nerd. This list will be constantly updated, finding new comedy is one of my favorite things to do.
  1. Chris Rock - Never scared
    The first comedy special I ever watched.
  2. Paul Mooney - Analyzing white america
    I discovered Paul Mooney watching Chappelle show and I never looked back.
  3. Dave Chappelle - For what is worth
    Killing them softly is equally as good.
  4. Bill Hicks - Relentless
  5. Bill Burr - You people are all the same
  6. Gary Gulman - Inthis economy
  7. Jerrod Carmichael - Love at the store
  8. George Carlin
    Everything he ever recorded. A must.
  9. Katt Williams - The pimp chronicles
  10. Kevin Hart - Laugh at my pain
  11. Louie C.K.
    All of his specials are amazing.
  12. Jerry Seinfeld.
  13. Sebastian Maniscalco - Whats wrong with people
    Working clean is so hard and he nails it.
  14. Jim Jeffries - I swear to god
  15. Eddie Murphy - Raw
    A no brainer.
  16. Whitney Cummings - I love you