Inspired by @jakefogelnest
  1. She used to be mine by Sara Bareilles
    As suggested by @john , listening to it as I type this, actually.
  2. The greastest by Cat Power
    Got hooked when I watched the Steve Jobs documentary: The man in the machine
  3. Spring to come by John Butler Trio
    Beautiful song, really, give it a try.
  4. Dancing In the starlight by Mick Jagger
    One of the (hidden?) gems from his album Goddess in the doorway
  5. Se me acaba by Morbo
    Awesome band from Mexico, found it afters years, the melody stuck with me but couldn't remember the lyrics to save my life, thank you Youtube.
  6. Opportunity by Pete Murray
    Been listening to the Live at Aria Awards version featuring @john Mayer, only available on youtube: john is doing backing vocals and solo guitar masterfully in a already amazing song.
  7. London town by Fito Paez
    This song never leaves my ipod, still love it like i'm listening to it for the first time.
  8. La despedida by Fito Paez
    Performed by Andres Rotmistrovsky on bass and Josefina scaglione on bass. Check it out: and while you're at it check out Andres's channel, you can thank me later.
  9. Sparks by Coldplay
    What's not to like?