I've been reading this book Daily Rituals, which describes the daily working lives of hundreds of legendary artists, writers, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians and other notable individuals. Everyone from Sartre to Darwin to Warhol to Woody Allen... I kinda can't get enough. Here are my rituals as a father/TV writer/producer. What are yours?
  1. I wake at 6am, meditate for 20 minutes and try to write for about an hour.
  2. Have breakfast and hang out with my kids.
  3. At around 8:30, I exercise for about an hour (either 4 mile run around Silverlake Reservoir, Griffith Park trail run, or cardio & weights at the gym).
  4. I shower, dress and get to the studio around 10:30. From 10:30 - 12:30 I go to meetings, respond to emails, read my news feeds, check Twitter, etc.
  5. Lunch at my desk Mon-Weds, out to eat on Thurs and Fri.
  6. I have coffee, then usually two productive hours of work from 2-4, either writing or working on development stuff (unless I have more meetings)
  7. I usually go to the @midnight taping when we're shooting, Mon-Weds at 4p.
  8. After the taping and a brief EP notes session, I usually catch up on emails from 5:30-6p.
  9. At 6p I drive 30 minutes home from Hollywood to Echo Park listening to podcasts or books on tape.
  10. When I get home, I hang out with my kids and watch an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba before taking a walk and putting them to sleep.
  11. Dinner with my wife at 7:30p, sometimes followed by some pot gummies, always followed by a couple hours of DVR/Netflix catchup.
  12. 10 minutes of reading before I start nodding off.
  13. Asleep by around 10:30pm.