Checking my history...
  1. Whether time travel could be a real thing or not
    I looked this up to prove that time travel was real while engaging in a debate with Charlotte Daniels and Nina Rhone. Safe to say I lost.
  2. Pajaro
    Searched while talking to my Costa Rican host mom. I had no idea what she was saying.
  3. Sir Duke Lyrics
    My favorite song!!
  4. Titanic Survivors
    Watched Titanic for the first time in Spanish. It WAS EXTREMELY SAD. And a beautiful story
  5. Richard Rodgers Mezzanine View
    I'm seeing Hamilton at the end of June. We could only get mezzanine tickets because they are SO DAMN EXPENSIVE NOW that Lin is leaving, but still, I am SOSOSOSOSOOSOSOSOSOSO excited. Can't even contain my excitement.
  6. Daveed Diggs
    Truly the most attractive man on planet Earth.