My first real visit to LA for work, and it's clear I need a lot more time to explore. Best coffee in town? Best fried chicken? Best tacos?
  1. The lemon tea cake & other assorted Tartine pastries
    Picked up some goodies from Vinny, the lovely manager at 18th & Guerrero, and they sat shotgun for my drive down from SF to LA. The whole ride smelled like freshly baked sourdough, and overrode that horrible stench of the 5
  2. So much Ethiopian yergacheffe on drip
    This week's default bean at every roastery in town. Thank you stumptown, verve and commissary. Oh and G&B.
  3. Eggslut
    Say yes to the biscuit if it's an option. Divine.
  4. Shrimp toast at Son of a Gun
    So weird and yet so delicious
  5. Waffle with ricotta and berries at Go Get Em Tiger
    Salt in the honey!!! Ambivalent on whether they make the country's best iced latte, but thoroughly enjoyed that waffle. Also intrigued by the bar service.
  6. Wildflower honey ice cream from salt & strW
    Thank you portland for your contribution to the world
  7. Jam from gjelina
    I was told this place is stereotypical LA. Don't care want more.
  8. Sweet Greens
    Great service at the soft open for the first west coast outpost of SG. These guys Are gonna kill it out in CA.
  9. Pizza from Pizzanista!
    "The worst pizza you'll ever eat, is still pizza you'll eat" - a very very wise man (this was pretty darn satisfying though.)
  10. Sweet potato tacos
    Thank you Gorilla Tacos!!!