You know what I'm talking about. I'm not a Gilmore girl, and some shit just isn't meant to be spoken, no matter how cultured you might pretend your written word is.
  1. Quotidian
    I can't pronounce this out loud without practicing. That should probably be a rule. But damn it reads well.
  2. Actually, just anything derived from French
    le sigh.
  3. Efficacy
    This one isn't exactly up there with the SAT words and rolls off the tongue relatively easily. That said, I always feel like a douche when I use it in conversation (not that it's deterred me much...)
  4. Fornicatress
    Seriously this word scares me. no one in the history of the world should ever use this out loud
  5. Heifer
    words that defy the "i before e" rule make me uncomfortable. Also you can just say "cow"
  6. Sanguine
    Ugh. The way this word makes me feel is totally contradictory to its meaning, but that g-u-i makes me feel absolutely squeamish
  7. Syzygy
    Maybe my favorite word in the English language. but man is it hard to work into a sentence using the right context (also I realize how obnoxious it is to even try, Bc nothing except interplanetary alignment really fits)