In no particular order.
  1. You wanted to show me your favorite song, you kissed me through its entirety
  2. We both peaked up at the world over the fence that guarded a mini prairie, you wouldn't stop smiling at me
  3. You called out after me after our first sober planned meeting about when we would see each other next. A welcomed confirmation.
  4. How you stopped my conversation on your graduation to kiss me for the first time. You bruised my spine along a swing pole.
  5. The morning after the cocktail party you slid my dress down my shoulder. I pretended to sleep and felt your fingertips explore my pale skin. I felt loved in that moment.
  6. We were intertwined and stories of your dream home and your favorite flowers floated through the room. I thought I was dreaming.
  7. You made us take the elevator rather than the stairs and kissed me once those metal doors closed, breaking the seal on a platonic evening
  8. We drank wine and I watched you squirm from the second hand embarrassment caused by a film. You kept me so close.
  9. Our desperate clutching of one another instead of watching a show you were so intent of me seeing. "We did the Netflix, now would you like to chill"
  10. "I want to show you a different side of me"
  11. Seeing you pull up to my dorm for the first time. You took me to your favorite place to eat your favorite food.
  12. Showing you my room for the first time. I've never felt so much tension between us.
  13. Watching you mimic my steps on your staircase. How you love to poke fun.
  14. Dancing with you in my room. You dipped me, kissed me, and apologized for the cheesiness of it all.
  15. When we looked at one another as we were leaving for the last time. My heart seemed to break that day.