Albums that changed my life

  1. The Archies - Greatest Hits
    This got me singing and dancing in my parents' living room, the bay window my stage. It's probably what made me begin to think I could be famous one day. Also, first album (CD or otherwise) that I ever owned.
  2. Coldplay - ALL OF THEM
    Chris Martin has shaped my youth, my young adulthood and my adulthood. I am me because of that band, those lyrics and melodies and the memories they have created for me and imprinted on my soul.
  3. Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory
    Noel and Liam achieved just about perfection with this one. It was my introduction to rock n roll and the idea that music can be happy and mischievous and say something and nothing at all, all at the same time. When I hear this album I can still feel the wind blowing through my hair and hear the sound of my bike wheels rolling along the pavement.
  4. Alanis Morrisette - Jagged Little Pill
    Without realizing it until now, she exposed me to my first ideas around feminism. Alanis taught me that I DIDN'T need to be a pretty, quiet and submissive person in order to be a real woman. She taught me to speak my mind, feel all the feels and say fuck you when it's warranted. I will forever be indebted to her for teaching me that even women can be rough around the edges and perfectly imperfect all at the same time.