I tweeted about this and @list encouraged me to write it and I can't say no to a Brand
  1. toby was the leak on the west wing wtf???
  2. actually toby's entire characterization in post-sorkin tww
  3. sayid & shannon being in the church together at the end of lost
  5. most of season 7 of gilmore girls
  6. tbh most of season 6 of gilmore girls
  7. the fact the rory and paris never ended up together
  8. the fact that paris wasn't a lesbian
  9. seasons 4-??? of game of thrones
  10. trophy wife being cancelled
  11. selfie being cancelled
  12. paget brewster being written out of criminal minds twice
  13. seasons 6-8 of castle (excluding veritas; veritas is great)
  14. lie to me was cancelled right as cal admitted his feelings about gillian
  15. the character assassination of addison montgomery when she got to private practice
  16. owen supporting cristina through her abortion but then later accusing her of killing their baby, why owen, u guys could've been great (THIS IS ABOUT GREY'S ANATOMY)
  17. basically all of the newsroom except don & sloan
  18. except also don wronged me at the end there w that episode where he defended the rights of accused rapists
  19. anything that happened on law & order: svu after stabler left, seriously have you watched this show recently? olivia drinks green juice and adopted a baby
  20. gonna bring it back to Toby being the leak in the west wing WHY JOHN WELLS WHY