Throughout my many years of college football fandom, I have never quite bought into the spectacle that is "National Signing Day." So I've decided to make a list of the 5 most annoying aspects of this now national phenomenon.
  1. 5.
    Middle-aged men who justify stalking teenage boys on social media by declaring their un-dying loyalty to their team. I don't care how much you want to see your team win, that's weird guys.
  2. 4.
    Coaches who make millions of dollars a year getting free advertising on tv networks who make billions of dollars a year so that they can draw in kids with no interest in a degree who will make $0 a year...
  3. 3.
    Something new this year: announcement videos. Kids announce the school that they will bless with their presence with videos that are a CGI bear attack away from being considered for academy nominations.
  4. 2.
    The same people that complain about the entitlement that millennials feel are the same ones retweeting 17 year-old linebackers' emoji-filled lists of who their Top 10 school choices. Not sure how that could inflate their ego...
  5. 1.
    The biggest contribution to my annoyance with this dog and pony show? I'm a Vanderbilt fan. I'll take this time to look forward to baseball and bowling season.