I have not been to many states.
  1. Washington
    The first thing that came to mind is driving through the cascades on my way to my parents house from Seattle after being away for a while.
  2. Oregon
    I took a trip to Cannon Beach with some friends right after we graduated from high school. It was one of the first times I felt like an adult. Thinking back on it, I absolutely was not an adult, but it was nice to feel like one at the time.
  3. Idaho
    The week I helped my grandparents pack up their house to move back to our hometown. It was the last significant amount of time I spent with my fm grandpa before he died
  4. California
    Driving with Hannah to move here after I graduated from college. It was so much time to have those last few days with my best friend before I was basically starting my life over in a completely new place.
  5. Nevada
    A national volleyball tournament I went to with my team in high school. It was crazy fun, and we did not win very many games
  6. Arizona
    The first time I saw the Grand Canyon, my friend had me walk to an edge with my eyes closed, so when I opened them I saw the sun rising over the canyon and I immediately said "holy shit!" And a dad with his kids looked over and said "that sounds about right"
  7. Hawaii
    My sister broke her nose when a wave picked her up and she hit the bottom. For the last 15 years she's had a whistle when she breathes because of the injury. And sometimes when I'm annoyed with her I'll look at here and say "huh, I think it is a little crooked"
  8. New York
    The first time I went to New York and drove into the city from the airport, I thought "this is the place, this is it." I still don't entirely know what I meant by that but every time I go back I feel that same thing.