Today was my first day at NBC 💖
  1. I was very nervous this morning
  2. I'm really glad I met all of my fellow pages last night
  3. I can't believe I get to work there!
  4. Did I dress nice enough?
  5. Wait am I overdressed?
  6. There's breakfast today!
  7. I'm too nervous to eat but more coffee sounds like a good idea
  8. There's silly putty on the table?! Nice!
  9. I'm DEFINITELY NOT tearing up when they show the video about the company history
  10. Everyone here seems so engaged this is great
  11. Studio tour!
  12. Oh my goodness I just love television so much
  13. Lunch is always a good time
  14. Paperwork, of course
  15. We got Kenneth the Page bobble heads this is perfect
  16. I really like the other pages!
  17. The next year is going to be great