Vacation, all I ever wanted! Vacation, had to get away! Feat. @alnye
  1. Coffee in Hayley's apartment
  2. Soul food at Sylvia's in Harlem
    I cannot stop eating biscuits
  3. Walking around Midtown, seeing the sights
  4. Central Park
    They have fall here!
  5. Visiting Rockefeller Center
  6. Magically getting free tickets to see Seth Meyers reheard his monologue for @LateNightSeth
  7. Michelle Wolf telling us jokes as we waited to go into studio 8G
  8. Walking into studio 8G and totally geeking out about broadcast TV
  9. Seth told some funny jokes (and also some that were...not quite as funny)
  10. Dinner at an Irish pub, with real Irish waitress
  11. Shopping montage
  12. Seeing a pumpkin patch in Time Square (???)
  13. Pizza and beer at Two Boots in the east village
  14. Standing in line for Fear Bazaar
  15. Realizing LA has ruined me and I can no longer handle even the slightest amount of cold
  16. Fear Bazaar at @ucbcomedy
    Not what I was expecting at all and also terrifying
  17. Listened to a ridiculous guy on the subway talk to strangers in detail about his weird job
  18. Got snacks at the deli on the corner, shocked employees when we said we were from LA
  19. Snacked the rest of the night away, feeling like successes!