We went to The Algonquin. DO YOU KNOW WHO HUNG OUT THERE??
  1. Coffee at Lennox
    Very cute barista, good job Lennox management.
  2. Visit to NYU
  3. Finding out there's a MBA/MFA program that sounds amazing. But also super expensive and difficult to get into
  4. Insomnia Cookies
  5. Getting tickets for A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
  6. Seeing one of Alex'a college friends
    He's chatty
  7. Walking to the Algonquin, already being a huge nerd just thinking about it
  8. Visiting the Algonquin
  9. Here's a pic of me being a ridiculous nerd
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  10. Getting a drink called "The Dorothy Parker"
  11. Getting sushi with Alex and Hayley
  12. Seeing A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, it was great
  13. Meeting the cast at the stage door
  14. Back to Hayley's in Harlem
  15. A long debate about whether or not to order food
  16. We did not order food, instead sleep