1. Brunch with Brendan and Meredith at Toast on the Upper West Side
  2. Waiting in line for the Starbucks bathroom, because I forgot to go before we left the restaurant
    Why do people take so long??? I just need to pee, okay?
  3. Visiting Columbia
  4. Falling in love with Columbia
  5. Walking through the north end of Central Park
  6. Mini Nap time back at Hayley's
  7. Creating the laziest Halloween costume ever: "oh my god I literally died!"
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  8. Dinner at Jack Demsey's
  9. The Empire State Building, with absolutely no lines
  10. Walking around to find a bar that didn't look terrible and/super crowded
  11. Ending up in Time Square, big mistake
  12. Walked into the first available Irish pub we could find
  13. Got hit on by some very friendly Israeli dudes
    One was kind of an ass, but seemed to mean well?? One was nice. The other was wearing a Star Wars shirt and had never seen any Star Wars movies.
  14. Leaving the bar awkwardly
  15. Using the 24hr McDonald's bathroom, waiting in a super long line
  16. Trying to meet up with Alex's college friend Chris to go to a party somewhere. We met in Time Square. On Halloween.
    It was almost impossible
  17. Walking through the hoards of people
  18. Getting all the way to the train we needed, and then backing out at the last minute because it was way too late
  19. Getting back to Harlem without Hayley's building key.
  20. Finding another 24hr McDonalds
  21. Walking back to Hayley's apartment, and then back to the McDonald's for a round 2
  22. Back to Hayley's for real