It's been almost a year since I last visited.
  1. I'm not sure how to do this successfully yet
  2. The house has been remodeled since I was here last
  3. It doesn't feel like my house
  4. My old room is now storage. There's not even a bed in it
  5. There have been 4 political arguments in the first 12 hours
  6. Dad called me a godless heathen that he hoped would one day be a believer again while giving a toast/prayer at the dinner table
  7. It's really nice to see my dog
  8. It's snowing!
  9. The fridge is really full
  10. The phrases "can I borrow the car" and "what time will you be home" are back in action
  11. My parents are exhausting
  12. I'm home for 4 days, can we just not do this?
  13. Teaching my mom how to use her new laptop is...frustrating and perplexing
  14. I mention one date and it's a whole conversation about how my love life is going, and why nothing's lasting
  15. My friend of 18 years came over for dinner and at the end said "wow I thought you were exaggerating about them"
  16. I've never slept in this room before, and apparently staying in it for the week will not change that fact
  17. I'm trying really hard to be happy that I'm here. And I am, but it's hard.