I really want to stop thinking about it
  1. My job performance
    I'm in the first few months, and I'm worried that I'm not living up to the standard for the position. I'm also worried because it's a year long position, and I don't want to end up on the other side of this with out any jobs or contacts.
  2. That fight I got in with my dad over Thanksgiving
    I've talked to him very briefly a few times since then, but it all feels kind of off and I'm not sure if I can fix it.
  3. My romantic life over the past year
    It seems like these guys are great, and then they disappear as soon as we actually start to get to know each other. Like actually disappear without any sort of conclusion of explanation. What's that even about?
  4. My friends from home
    We're all in such different places in our lives right now. I feel like I barely talk to them anymore and I miss them like crazy.