This is just a friendly reminder that it can happen anywhere, anytime. (Edit: man, machines are horrible.)
  1. When I hit my head on the corner of a table when I was 2 while playing with this -
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  2. The year after, when I was 3 I got hit in the bad on accident by a piñata. (Trump style)
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  3. When I fell down a set of stairs when I was 6 because I was trying to dance down the stairs like I was Fred Astaire.
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  4. When I was 11 I smacked into a wall right into a side of a house going full speed rollerblading downhill. (I was trying to be a Soulskater)
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  5. When I was into Fast&Furious Tokyo drift and almost drifted into a barrier divide on the freeway.
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  6. When I got into a serious car accident when I was 20.
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  7. When I was 25 and almost drove straight onto an oncoming train.
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  8. That same year, the airplane myself and my girlfriend took had a malfunction and the airplane started smoking so we had to do an emergency landing.
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