Approximately 11:47PM-2:21AM
  1. How am I ever going to decide who's in my bridal party? Will Sarah be mad she's not in it?
    Note: I am not currently engaged/dating anyone/speaking to/ do not know any men
  2. What if I pee myself in the middle of the night?
    Note: I am not currently 6 years old
  3. Did I DVR Girls?
  4. Did that text I just send sound really mean?
    It did
  5. Can I not fall asleep because I keep telling myself I can't fall asleep?
  6. What if I can never fall asleep again?
  7. Should I WebMD this disorder?
  8. What if I accidentally turned on the camera on my computer while I was changing and there's a video of me naked and it uploaded itself to Facebook
  9. Wondering what day my ticket for making a left on red will come in the mail