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This list is a little self obsessed but yeah, I've been on list for a year.
  1. BJ. Novak. Commented. On. This. List. Do I need to say anything else?
  2. I could've done this better, and taken less unflattering pictures of myself, but it reminds me of a fab day!
  3. This list wasn't even that funny! Could've done a much better job haha
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Inspired by @TVAddict and @heathermarie
  1. Jessica Jones
    I mean, I know the point is that she doesn't care... but her jackets are the best
  2. Daria
    I'm seeing a trend. Where'd you get your jacket and boots?
  3. Moments of Rory Gilmore
    Mostly just this outfit from episode 1... pairing the giant jumper with docs, a skirt and a cute leather backpack. Yes.
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Go find her, @bymariandrews on instagram. she's fab.
  1. I'll start with her ones on grief, because they articulated so much of what I couldn't say
  2. She has so many about how confusing and complex life can be, and how growing feels
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To the point of being able to tell you the track listing, possibly knowing every lyric to every song, and still listening to it often despite the fact that it came out a while ago.
  1. An Awesome Wave - Alt-J
    Their other albums will never be as good
  2. Zaba - Glass Animals
    Some solid album covers so far too
  3. Battle of Los Angeles - Rage Against The Machine
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Dated: 4/4/17. Is it self absorbed to quote yourself?
  1. "I wouldn't trade a single one of your vices to be with someone less "you""
    This is me talking to Baz 10 months after his death.
  2. That's what love is to me. It's not finding the perfect person, it's finding a person you wouldn't change despite the fact that they annoy you and leave stuff everywhere and often disagree with your opinions.
  3. It's finding someone who's vices are worth dealing with to you.
  4. I hope I can find it again one day.
Thanks to @Evie who brought me here
  1. Thanks for supplying me with a space that I could say what I needed to say
  2. Thanks for introducing me to lovely people who have helped me more than they could know
  3. Thanks for allowing me to hear the opinions and worries of people I never thought I'd get to hear from
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A Sydney Perspective From A 22 year Old
  1. We can't afford houses. This is a fact that is undisputed generally (unless you're an idiot).
  2. We can't afford houses because everyone is buying up all the property in order to sell for a higher price.
  3. We also can't afford houses because the government is cutting our wage
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  1. Stopped eating so much cheese
    My meals might actually be good for me if I didn't pile on the cheese!
  2. Walked places instead of getting the bus
  3. Stopped watching so much TV
    But netflix calls to me
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  1. Spent time at my parents' farm
  2. High school friend got engaged!
  3. Strawberries with @Evie
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I took my 14 year old almost-sister Emerald (Baz's sister) to Groovin The Moo yesterday - her first music festival. Before you get all funny, she's 5ft10 and experienced in mosh pits due to her awesome parents and older siblings taking her to many great shows.
  1. High: Almost being on the barrier at Northeast Party House
  2. Low: some high idiot practically sexually harassing Emerald at Milky Chance
    She dealt really well, but I put myself in between them and he ended up falling on me so.... that's great.
  3. High: jumping around during Smith Street Band
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