Cats vs Dogs

I know most people are firmly on one side of the fence in this debate but I have had way too much difficulty choosing. So I've thrown myself into a world of pictures to see if we can settle this once and for all.
  1. Cat pro: I've had pet cats my whole life.
    Childhood memories n that. Hey dad and Arya!
  2. Cat con: can be boring
    Aw dead. She's so cute but she's been there all day. Pls do something interesting.
  3. Dog pro: they're actually nice
    Sister + dog
  4. Dog con: I was scared of them as a kid
    Cough... not their fault but still. Who could be scared of this face?
  5. Cat pro: kittens
    Kittens are currently my life.
  6. Cat con: sass
    Except this is kinda awesome as well. She's all sass.
  7. Dog pro: goofy running
  8. Dog con: they can't clean themselves and they smell
    You're gross Bella. Caught ya.
  9. Cat pro: cuddles
    Dawwww Omar hey
  10. Cat con: murder of smaller animals
    Oops. Arya kills human fingers.
  11. Dog pro: loyalty
    Dad + cat + dog = cute
  12. Dog con: running a bit short on material but she annoyingly stares at my plate while I'm eating like this?
    Damn. This is cute too.
  13. Okay I think I've come to a verdict. Cats and dogs are equally awesome. Especially my ones.
  14. Bella, thank you for protecting us from goats
  15. And modelling
  16. For letting me squash you
  17. And Arya, my sweet sass cat.
    Thank you for letting me be near you sometimes
  18. For reliably sleeping in really cute positions
  19. And for occasionally letting me cuddle you
    In winter. When it's very cold.
  20. Love all my animal friends 💜💙