Based on fun and usability
  1. Spotify
    Fun: 10, Usability: 10. I honestly use this app the most. I love it.
  2. Instagram
    Fun: 8, Usability: 9. I love Instagram. I'm a fiend. I have over 600 posts on there and use it as a picture journal of the last 4 years or so.
  3. Snapchat
    Fun: 10, Usability: 6. I don't use it as often as many people in my generation, but I do love it. Apologies to my friends who see pictures of my pets all day and lame selfies. No shame.
    (lol regarding ^^^) Fun: 9, Usability: 6. Okay, I adore you guys and this app, it just isn't used as often as the earlier ones. I don't check it every 5 minutes obsessively. But you guys are the freaking best 😘😘
  5. Facebook/Facebook Messenger
    Fun: 5, Usability: 9. I've combined them. I talk to a lot of people solely on messenger and use Facebook for news and keeping up to date with peoples' lives. I'm not passionate about this app, however.
  6. Adventure Capitalist
    Fun: 10, Usability: 4. Such a great game. I've been playing it for years, and now I'm at the point of solely playing it for the holiday worlds at certain times of the year. If you love mindless games, this is for you.
  7. Special mentions to extremely useful apps:
    Maps, Uber and Shazam. Keep doing what you're doing.