I took my 14 year old almost-sister Emerald (Baz's sister) to Groovin The Moo yesterday - her first music festival. Before you get all funny, she's 5ft10 and experienced in mosh pits due to her awesome parents and older siblings taking her to many great shows.
  1. High: Almost being on the barrier at Northeast Party House
  2. Low: some high idiot practically sexually harassing Emerald at Milky Chance
    She dealt really well, but I put myself in between them and he ended up falling on me so.... that's great.
  3. High: jumping around during Smith Street Band
  4. Low: Tash Sultana (the artist I was most excited for) getting laringitis and pulling out the day of
  5. High: seeing the Jungle Giants at sunset
  6. High: The Darkness
    I can honestly say that... I believe in a thing called love. Most random and fun act of GTM2017
  7. Low: being nearly crushed to death in Violent Soho
    I'm not exaggerating, it was terrifying. I've been in probably over a hundred mosh pits and this was the worst I've experienced. I couldn't even jump or anything. Emerald lost both her shoes
  8. High: getting out of the Violent Soho mosh, dancing on our own at the back and eventually going back and finding Emerald's shoes.
    The high of surviving near death is better than any drug
  9. High: getting to spend an (overall) awesome day with Em!