This list took me a long time to write because I'm not angry at you often enough and it's here for when I am. Thanks for being my emotional outlet!
  1. You promised so many things
    That you wouldn't leave me... that we'd die at the same time when we're 80... that we'd have two kids named Asha and Oscar... that we'd get married... the list could go on.
  2. I wanted to tell you everything that happened to me today
    I missed my train. My lecture was kinda boring. I went to yoga (go me). My student's dad was really irritating again and I think he's in love with my mum.
  3. I want you to help me through this
    But oh yeah, this problem wouldn't exist if you were here
  4. I want to talk to you about Pokemon Go but it didn't exist when you were still here
    Why can't we laugh at everyone and secretly play it together?
  5. Now I have to deal with people who barely knew you making some sort of claim on you
    Why aren't you here to tell them to fuck off?
  7. I know you would expect me to move on at some point, but other people suck
    I picked you
  8. Honestly though, as hard as I try... I'm not really mad at you. I just miss you and want you back.
    Apologies to the people I get angry at instead (mum... sister... random obscure friends and family...) and to the people on who have to deal with my emotional lists.
  9. Thanks for letting me vent