I've Been On List For Over A Year Now

Thanks to @Evie who brought me here
  1. Thanks for supplying me with a space that I could say what I needed to say
  2. Thanks for introducing me to lovely people who have helped me more than they could know
  3. Thanks for allowing me to hear the opinions and worries of people I never thought I'd get to hear from
  4. Thanks for allowing me to grieve
    When I felt I couldn't do it so well elsewhere
  5. Thanks for making me laugh
  6. Thanks for introducing me to fantastic books, music, tv shows and movies
  7. Thanks for agreeing with my taste as well
  8. Thanks for getting me back into writing
  9. Thanks for supporting me through some of the hardest times I've ever been through
  10. And finally, thanks for accepting me
  11. This space has helped me more than you could know.