I'm scared shitless.
  1. For those of you who don't know, I lost my partner a few months ago. I've written multiple lists about it.
    But I don't know how people link their lists. Maybe I can't on android? Pls help me. Anyway they're there. They exist.
  2. I thought we were going to get married
    Which sounds silly right? But I did. And I don't even believe marriage is that big of a deal, but I had the whole thing planned.
  3. So I wanted to reflect on our past anniversaries because I'm selfish and need an outlet
    Thanks guys!
  4. Ok first date: dinner and a movie
    I was 17, I remember exactly what I was wearing (pink cropped blouse, black tight skirt, dr martens), we hung out with foster kittens at his house then I drove us to dinner and a movie.
  5. We were mates before so I was only about 75% sure it was a date
    Which seems silly now, but I didn't want to get my hopes up in case he screwed me over
  6. Bonus points: he didn't try to make out during the movie! He actually wanted to watch it!
    This is extremely hard to find in a horny 18 year old boy and I was so impressed. Simple arm around me casually was good enough.
  7. I drove him home, he kissed me goodnight and said "that was an amazing first date"
    OH so it is a date. Cool!
  8. No pictures from then, but I found one from a couple of weeks later at Schoolies - we are trashed.
    Schoolies is our post high school exams celebrations in Aus, btw.
  9. First year anniversary: drunken pub crawl post uni exams
    As it sounds. Our anniversary is anyways smack bang in the middle of exams so when I had my last one, he came to meet me at uni then we got extremely drunk and stumbled around the city.
  10. We walked past the Apple Store and he drunkenly decided to buy an iPod
    I'm sure the cashiers thought we were ridiculous: two drunk 18/19 year olds buying an ipod. But it was so fun!
  11. We discovered some great little cocktail bars that I've gone back to multiple times!
  12. 2 year anniversary: the disaster night
    We decided to try and replicate both date nights I have mentioned for our 2 year anniversary.
  13. The replicate first date was perfect and lovely
    Same cute Thai restaurant, new but equally good movie, and great company. I took this photo of him looking super sarcastic.
  14. Our replicate of our first year anniversary failed so miserably that we laughed about it as soon as we got to bed.
    We added in a hotel at the end because we were classy, obviously.
  15. Our train was delayed so we got in late, the place we'd planned to go to was closed, the place we went to instead sucked, it was so windy you could barely walk (I wore a dress too), it was raining, our hotel was beyond bad...
    I've never had one night where everything went wrong like this one before or since this night.
  16. We laughed it off, went to sleep and spent a lovely day in the city the next day. Botanical Gardens, MCA, The Rocks, etc. And met up with friends later.
    Back when everyone made collages.
  17. 3 year anniversary: Melbourne goodness
    Baz planned a trip to Melbourne including a surprise hotel and dinners every night.
  18. We stayed in a beautiful apartment in the middle of town, got drunk every night and ate delicious food.
    Our goal was to find as many wacky bars as we could.
  19. Bonus points for meeting some of my relatives and impressing the shit out of them.
  20. 4 year anniversary:
  21. Thanks for letting me reflect guys. The 18th is going to be a bit shit but it's good to focus on the happy times we had rather than the ones we never will have.
    Love you all xx