My Memory Draw Fell Apart And All It's Contents Spilt On To

But really, I actually have a memory draw, and it actually broke. So here is a photo snapshot into my life. (my phone camera sucks)
  1. A LOT of photo albums
    Most are full of pictures my old friend forced me to put in of her. Yep.
  2. Old journals
    The middle one was made for me by my best friend in primary school (elementary school?)
  3. A photo of me and my sister
    In a frame with friends on it? Why Alex, why?
  4. Some memories!
  5. A letter from the tooth fairy
    A very elaborate one indeed
  6. Year 12 memories
    Including an old signed shirt, my year book and the program for the musical I was in. I played Kate Murphy.
  7. Year 6 memories
    Including an old shirt, year book and band music (why have I kept this?)
  8. Bits and pieces from my China trip in 2009
    Any of this look familiar @Evie?
  9. Certificates I earnt in Cambodia.
    More random shit I kept for some reason
  10. Bits and pieces from my Philippines trip this year.
  11. I hope I'll fine a new draw to continue to be stupidly sentimental in.
    I have a card draw too. I may be pathetic.