My Three Months In The Beautiful Land Of Cambodia ☉

In 2013/14 I travelled around Cambodia and fell in love with the amazing country. Thanks @Evie for requesting!
  1. I started by volunteering in a school for 4 weeks in Phnom Penh
    The cutest, cheekiest kids ever!
  2. We went to a restaurant for Christmas and held a tarantula! Don't worry, it hasn't got fangs
  3. The Royal Palace
    Little and big
  4. Then my boyfriend joined me and we backpacked for 6 weeks
    Starting with the beautiful Kep
  5. Then Sihanoukville
    Otres beach
  6. Then Koh Rong
    The view from our hostel balcony
  7. Then Siem Reap
    Angkor Wat! A must see for everyone
  8. Big trees
  9. Then back to Phnom Penh for an animal sanctuary
  10. And we made a monkey friend!
  11. Then into the mountains for some waterfalls
    Self timer ftw
  12. Got laughed at by some locals coz we hitched a ride in this trailer
    Also hey photogenic bf
  13. Stars in Mondulkiri!
    20 second shutter speed heeeeey there
  14. I miss it and him so much! Can't wait to go back again soon.
    Cambodia has been my favourite trip by far and I recommend it to everyone ❤❤