My top 5 favourite pictures that I took

Not necessarily because they are high quality. (Damn app saying the pictures have to be square)
  1. Fireworks from NYE 2012
    Pretty much, not only does this photo look badass but it reminds me of being 17, newly in love and just finished school. Also I'd just gotten my dslr so I was pretty inspired!
  2. Me and my love in Cambodia, 2014
    We were sunburnt and extremely happy here. This is one of the best days of my life: we went kayaking and snorkling in Koh Rong, an island with beautiful clear water. 10m to my right in this picture is the ocean, and we're on our balcony.
  3. Durras beach from the Diana F+
    The quality of this sucks, but this is my favourite place in the world and the black and white film makes it look so moody. Also, I suck at photography so this one picture cost me $13 to develop haha.
  4. NZ sunsets over the sea 2013
    My younger sister is an amazing model! This was my favourite family holiday, and since I was 18 (and she was 16) we had so much energy and ended up having the best time :)
  5. Doge, Christmas 2012
    Taken literally the day I got my camera. Everything about this makes me happy. She's happy, the photo looks happy, life is good.