Inspired by @jessicaz
  1. Writing with my favourite pens (Uniball Signo rt1 in navy blue for those who are interested)
    As well as writing on great paper (moleskine, decomposition notebooks... I'm feeling the non-sexual heat) 🔥🔥🔥
  2. That short-lived moment of perfectly painted nails
    Mmm OPI bottle... you look so beautiful tonight. 💅
  3. Delicious food
    The first bite of the world's best burger 🍔
  4. Anderson. Paak's voice
    Okay that's a little bit sexual
  5. Being at a concert and looking next to you and seeing the person there, singing all the words and genuinely having just as good a time as you are
    And that moment when they look back and feel the same thing. Damn, feel that non-sexual love! 👫👬👭👫👬👭
  6. The feeling you get after a really good yoga sesh
    Like you could take on anything, or have the world's best nap. Either one.
  7. Floating in the water at the beach and feeling the waves float by you
    This becomes less of a turn on when you get tossed around and dumped by said waves, but you get my drift. Drift. 🌊 Also, this goes hand in hand with the feeling of walking on sand. Mmmm 😍
  8. When my cat likes you