People In Moshpits Who Shouldn't Be In Moshpits

I saw Glass Animals (one of my all time favourite bands) last night and I had an amazing time! Except for these people who tried to ruin my night.
  1. The guy who dances bigger than he is
    Does he or doesn't he know he's been rubbing against me/bashing into me/dancing in my dance space all night? I can't decide which is worse.
  2. The two girls who decide to be lesbians for the night because boys are watching
    And they take up so much space urgh
  3. The "arms folded" people
    They always stand right where the mosh would be, they always look disappointed
  4. The guys who try to pick fights with other guys
    My sort of brother had a guy purposely bump in to his girlfriend then dance big in their space for a while, whilst constantly looking to see if he was pissing them off. You suck.
  5. The people who criticise the band
    Quote: "the singer is just trying to get all the attention... what about the rest of the band?" ...
  6. The people who try to request songs
    They ain't a jukebox.
  7. That being said, the overwhelming majority of people there loved Glass Animals and made the night amazing!
    I wish Baz could've been there, but to me it kind of felt like he was. At least in me. ❤❤