Pro/Con List: The Christmas Version

Spread the Christmas cheer! Courtesy of Seth 😘 (stealing @Evie's concept of themed gifs)
  1. Pro: Spending time with family
    I adore my family so much, we're all very close and enjoy a few bevvies on Christmas day.
  2. Con: Awkwardly saying thank you when you get a gift you already have/don't like
    Admit it. This is the worst.
  3. Pro: Buying presents
    I freaking LOVE everything about this.
  4. Con: Busy stores
    Shopping centres on Christmas = the worst
  5. Pro: FOOD
  6. Con: Christmas Carols
    That's right. I said it.
  7. Pro: Weird traditions
    Our concert on Christmas Eve and always finishing with a wacky rendition of The Night Before Christmas by my uncle.
  8. Con: Constant stress
    Buying presents, having the house clean, preparing food... all fun but definitely stressful
  9. All in all, Christmas evens out to being generally a good time, and I still love it despite all the shit bits!